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The US Dollar gyrates as Trump gets elected as president

There was the drama fit for an epic US election. Going into the race, Hillary was slightly favored. But after a few hours of counting, Donald Trumps path to presidency started to look good. Whoever gets to 270 electoral votes win. It is clear now that Donald Trump has won. 

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There was drama in the currency markets as well. There was a lot of displacement going on in the USD across the board. Let's take a look at the US Dollar Index (DXY) and see where the market is going after all this volatility.

DXY 4H Chart 11/9

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Whippy before and after:
- Note that heading into the election, the USD flattened and was falling at the start of November. 
- This week, the USD rebounded, but remained pressured. 
- Then there was the election volatility, where the USD index fell sharply, but also rebounded sharply. 
- What can we assess from all this noise?

98.15 is key resistance, overall bears still in control:
- The V-shape reaction normally suggests a possible reversal. 
- I am not confident it is in this case. I would have to see price reverse all the way up above 98.15 to be convinced that dollar-bulls have taken over after the election drama. 
- For now, it still looks like bears are in control.
- That means, there should still be bearish pressure for the USD.

 Looking at the daily chart, we can see that the 96.00 area is a key support
1) cluster of simple moving averages and a
2) rising trendline
3) A support/resistance pivot going back to March. 
4) If DXY can fall below  96.00, then we might see extension of the bearish outlook for USD. 

In summary, the upper/lower bound created during the election are key resistance and support levels.