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Google to the Rescue AGAIN!!

Everyone has been thinking of ways to get rid of the TV because they can view everything for free on the internet. Now with the help of Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) Chromecast you can plug a wireless HDMI plug in your TV and you can watch anything you want. Here is the problem, the cable cord going to your TV isn't just TV signals, It also carries the bandwidth for your modem device, so you really can't cut the cable providers of completely. The only way to complete go wireless without cords running through you house is to get satellite technology that provide competitive speeds. The problem with that is cable modems are as fast as 30mbs, the best satellite provider is up to 15mbs. Google once again has a solution for us, The solution comes in a shape of a company called O3b satellite venture backed by Google. The company claims it can deliver speeds up to 1Gps from its satellites, the company is going to debut its product by the end of this year. We thank you Google for freeing us from this evil TV bundle monopoly, you are like a superhero of the technology world