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Apple Watch May Make Stock Prices Soar

Apple products (NASDAQ: AAPL), with their sleek and consistent design, have been some of the most sought out tech products of all time. According to Market Watch, their newest product, the Apple Watch, has the potential to boost the tech giant’s business by $26 billion as early as 2018.

In relation to Apple stock, Market Watch reported relying on the Watch and continued iPhone sales will deter catalysts from affecting stock prices. Further, although the Watch is predicted to be at the top of the pack of smartwatches in 2015, Apple will still need to rely primarily on iPhone sales to keep stock prices afloat, Market Watch reported.

Yahoo finance commenter Regulator says:

It'll sell big and then level off, just like the iPad. How many people are interested in an expensive watch?

Sell millions in the USA and a few other countries, expand to more countries and sell millions more. BUT, then you're done. Flat line and then down a bit.

Why would the Apple Watch have a different sales pattern than the iPad?

Yahoo finance commenter shawn says:

It will do well like all their products. Im sure there will also be improvements from last we saw it. Its going to be a must have once people use it.