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Icahn Says Trump Best Candidate To Take On “Establishment”

Carl Icahn says it’s time for voters to go against the “establishment” in Washington D.C. and he has just the candidate to do it. But are such calls to fight the establishment incomplete without logical and documented backing? This is odd because Icahn has the knowledge and ammunition to wage such a battle to win intellectual minds. Icahn and his chosen presidential candidate, Donald Trump, need to take this argument one step further and document why voters should reject the "establishment."

Image: FBN

Icahn says Trump not beholden to establishment, can stand up to them like Teddy Roosevelt took on JPMorgan

“We have to go against the establishment in both Washington and corporate America,” Icahn said in a Fox News interview. “He’s [Trump] not beholden to anybody and he can stand up to them more than the normal politico.”

When asked to provide specifics regarding why this challenge to the establishment was required, Icahn generically said there was “a lot of dysfunction in Washington today,” pointing to failure to pass a highway bill or pass legislation encouraging companies to repatriate funds.

It is on not providing specifics that Trump has been criticized, and here Icahn provided rather generic critique. “I think it’s a bit of an unfair criticism,” Icahn...