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Twitter Become Takeover Target, Again

Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR) has a few financial positives many other large tech companies do not. Among those is a second quarter balance sheet with $4.1 billion in cash and short term investments, $4.3 billion in working capital, adjusted free cash flow of $112 million, and an adjusted EBITDA of $178 million. Much of the company’s expenses for the period were stock based compensation of $133 million and amortization and depreciation of $103 million. Put another way, financially at least, Twitter is not entirely a dog. That makes it a takeover target again, now that its market cap has dropped to $12 billion. which is close to as low as it has been in two years.

When adjusted for its balance sheet, the cost to buy Twitter at its current share price is well below $10 billion. Its 328 million monthly...