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UPS Earnings Review And The Way Forward

Courier company United Parcel Service (NYSE: [[UPS]]) recently reported its earnings for the final quarter of fiscal year 2014. The company reported fairly impressive top line growth but bottom lines took a huge hit owing to a surge in operating expenses. The company's top line has shown impressive growth over the course of the last 4 years but bottom lines have not been as consistent. UPS has been having trouble handling the surge in demand and package volumes during the holiday season e-commerce has been a major contributor to rising demand. The company' share prices have shown 7% growth over the course of the previous year trailing that of major competitor FedEx (NYSE: [[FDX]]). The company's prices reached an all-time high of $114.25 on January 22nd but fell down as quickly as they had risen owing to investors selling shares on strength and the company revealed confirmed weaker earnings and… Read More …