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Amazon to Deliver Grocery's to NYC Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) is making moves silently like a ninja assassin taking out its rivals. Amazon recently bought a one million square foot warehouse in Woodbridge, New Jersey, just 25 minutes out of Manhattan. The warehouse is equipped with refrigeration to store foods to keep them fresh longer because the previous owners was a grocery wholesaler. Why would a online store need a warehouse with refrigeration near NYC?

The answer is Amzonfresh a same day door to door grocery delivery service in NYC. Amzon recently started this service in LA and Seattle area, it has been a huge success for the company. Starting this service in NYC will give them 8 million customers that won't need to leave their house to go grocery shopping anymore. It doesn't stop there, they can combine there grocery delivery with delivery of other products from the website, same day delivery for every item sold on Amazon, now that is something to look forward too. Amazon has came a long way from where is started as online book store, this is not the end it is still climbing trying to reach for the stars. Amazon is currently trading at $287.08 a share, some say its overpriced but I believe its just the start.