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Big February BDCs Fetch 18.4% Yield; 31.26% Upside; 43.9% Net Gain

How Now BDCs?

Yield (dividend / price) results from Yahoo Finance as of market closing prices February 6 for Business Development Company Stocks listed here were compared with analyst 1-yr target projections to reveal four actionable conclusions discussed below.

After June 2014, when the Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses (AFFE) proviso of the SEC prompted both Russell and S&P 500 to remove representatives of these 40 BDC dogs from their primary equity indices, it became appropriate to track BDC puppy progress as a pack. This is the sixth such progress report.

Forty For the Money

Since late 2011, a series of Arnold reports showed results of dog dividend methodology used to uncover possible buy opportunities in each of eight major market sectors listed by Yahoo Finance. Reader suggestions inspired our first dividend dog analysis of the Business Development Company industry within the financials (Fins) sector after August 2014.… Read More …