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It's OK To Stay On The Sidelines With Popular Stocks

Perhaps no other stock in the market has generated as much buzz as Tesla Inc  in 2017 ahead of the roll-out of its highly anticipated Model 3. However, it seems not even Wall Street knows quite what to make of Tesla’s stock.

According to CNN Money, Tesla recently had 21 Wall Street analysts covering the stock. A third (33 percent) of those analysts had Buy/Outperform ratings on the stock, 29 percent had Sell/Underperform ratings on the stock and 38 percent had Hold/Neutral ratings on Tesla. Target prices range from as high as $464 (37 percent upside) to as low as $155 (54 percent downside).

If Wall Street can’t even pick a side on a stock like Tesla, how is the average retail investor supposed to determine which direction the stock is headed?

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