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adidas Sues Forever 21 Over Its Three Stripes

The fast fashion retailer is in hot water for products boasting Three-Stripes…

It’s been a tough year for the Three Stripes, with another lawsuit regarding infringement upon the recognizable adidas trademark. First, it was Marc Jacobs but now it’s fast fashion retailer Forever 21.

The federal lawsuit from adidas claims that Forever 21 is making counterfeit products and violating trademark laws. adidas states that it owns “incontestable federal trademark registrations” for the design, but that Forever 21 is “designing, sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, promoting, offering for sale, and/or selling apparel bearing identical and/or confusingly similar imitations of adidas’ Three-Strip Mark,” which will “cause confusion, deceive the public regarding its source, and dilute and tarnish the distinctive quality of adidas’ Three-Strip Mark.” adidas has asked the federal judge to have Forever 21 halt all production of these products and cease its distribution, marketing or sale, along with monetary compensation. Check out the products in question over at KOIN.

Author: Helena Yeung