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Which NBA Teams Have the Most Expensive Home Games for the Upcoming Season?

With the NBA season set to officially begin next week, we take a look at the most expensive home games to attend for the upcoming ’14-’15 season. Combining the total family cost of four individuals with the average price of utility costs, including beer, soda, hot dogs, and parking, the Cleveland Cavaliers come out on top of the most expensive home games list with a staggering price of about $1,500 USD for a family to attend one home game. A major factor behind the placing is undoubtedly the return of Lebron James, which contributed to a 204% increase in average ticket price compared to last season. Rounding out the rest of the list are the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat, respectively. Check out the full feature over at nerdwallet and look for the NBA season to tip-off on October 28.