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MO-CLEAN/14 Removes Traces of Cocaine from Banknotes

The MO-CLEAN/14, also known as ‘the banker,’ is a machine that automatically and systematically detects traces of cocaine from banknotes. Designed by Francesco Morackini, the machine was developed due to a study conducted in 2009, which showed that up to 90% of banknotes in the United States contain traces of cocaine, an increase of 20% from the 2007 study. Morackini has gone a step further and come up with the concept of unassumingly giving the device a form of a photocopy or distributor machine. There are five functions that incorporated in the MO-CLEAN/14: banknote counting machine, banknote cleaning machine, centrifuge, high performance liquid chromatograph and a mas-spectrometer. These functions distill the cocaine down to purity of 99%. Check out the visuals to the MO-CLEAN/14 above.