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Tonight's Moves for Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 25 2017

GE continued its drop. Are the sub-teens next? This is a chance in a lifetime for value stock buyers to consider GE. But the selling may take lots of time to play out.

Corning - GLW - is not so boring for value investors. Up 7%.

GM hit a new high. Buy. Buy F, FCAU too. Avoid TSLA.

Micron - MU - is quietly rising toward PT $45. Cheap stock with growth ahead.

Rite Aid - RAD - is taking too much time rebounding to $2.00/share. Await FDA approval for WBA store buyout.

Seagate topped $39. My July PT was $35. Sell and take profits. Look at WDC instead. 

In biotech:
TRXC is giving back its gains. Buy ISRG instead.

Valeant - VRX - is not reporting until November. Consider the dip as VRX falls. Teva is in the same boat. Is $10-$11 next for Teva? Copex competition will start but does not justify the 25% drop in shares.

Told you so. QCOM's recovering as the discount from the AAPL litigation lightens up. QCOM PT > $55.