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Global Warming Leading To Surging Mosquito Populations [STUDY]

Global warming is changing everything. This is not hype or exaggeration, but rather a simple statement of fact.

Mosquito Global Warming

Further proof of this basic truth comes from a new study showing that mosquito populations are increasing dramatically in the Arctic due to higher temperatures. Moreover, the rapidly increasing mosquito populations are having a negative impact on other Arctic wildlife, in particular threatening the already decimated northern caribou herds.

The new study from researchers at Dartmouth College shows that the likelihood of mosquitoes surviving and emerging as adults is boosted by more than 50% if Arctic temperatures increase by a mere 2°C. The new data about mosquitoes is important because changes in the timing and number of mosquitoes has a major impact on the life cycles of plants and animal wildlife, including caribou and Arctic and migratory birds.

The new global warming research was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences earlier this week.

Statement from lead Arctic mosquito study author

"Increased mosquito abundance, in addition to northward range expansions of...