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Reviews:Probably the Best Bluetooth Speaker available

Pretty good speaker for the price. I was impressed by the distance of the device to still pair with the speaker. Hands free calling and the ability to use an SD card is good. The only issue I have is that the volume button is the same as the FF/Rewind buttons, so if you don't hold down the volume button, you'll actually skip a track (which isn't a big deal from a MP3 playlist, but if it's a song you like from a streaming service, you'll pass over it). The speaker has some weight to it, so it doesn't feel like a cheap plastic speaker. Really like an ON/OFF switch, but wish there was auto-shutoff feature when not being used.

The sound is good. Not great, but pretty good. It has more bass than I would like, but it's not distorted or sounds like it's in a bucket . I had it cranked up, playing Christmas music in our cathedral ceiling living room, and it filled the room nicely. Bought it for my wife so she could listen to music on her phone while in the shower and it suits that purpose really well. I've only used it for a week, but if I had to really look for a "complaint", I'd say that setting preset channels for the FM tuner isn't very intuitive, but not impossible to figure out with the included instruction book. Overall, I feel like I made a good purchase with this EasyAcc model.