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January Jitters Jolt Stocks - S&P Loses Key 2,000 Level; Bonds' Best Month Since June 2010

Given the following - Silver and Bonds win in January followed by Gold, Stocks and Oil Lose...

  • Treasury Bonds - Best month since June 2010
  • Crude Oil - 7th month lower in a row (same as 2008/9) and manic ramp to green on the week (best week since Dec 2013)
  • S&P 500 - Worst month since last January, first two-month drop since May 2012 (worst week in last 8)
  • Dow Transports - Worst month since Sept 2011
  • Gold - Best month since Jan 2012 (worst week in 6)
  • Silver - Best month since June 2014 (worst week since Sept 2013)
  • Swissy - Best month since Dec 2008 (worst week sicne Sept 2011)
  • US Dollar Index - Best month since May 2012 (up 7 months in a row)

We suspect this will help...


Bu, for human oil shorts this afternoon, we suspect this sums up their message to the manipulators and their machines...


We have to start with WTI because that was a fucking joke!!!! This 8.3% ramp into the NYMEX close was the biggest single-day ramp since June 2010... (in case you wonder what happened... read this complaint)


Which magicaly levitated stocks... to the NYMEX close...


Now where have we seen that before?


Crude down for the 8th month in a row... for only the 2nd time in history


*  *  *

Anyway... take a breath because it was quite a month/week/day...

Today's market was domianted by fading yesterday's Yellen pump bounce and the momo ignition from crude which was faded...NOT OFF THE LOWS


On the week, Trannies are the laggard... NOT OFF THE LOWS


On the month, stocks are ugly...


Since QE3, only NASDAQ is green (thanks to AAPL)


The S&P 500 dropped back below its 100DMA after Yellen's intervention - that is a problem... And The S&P 500 Lost 2000 at the close


Obviously oil stands out on the week (thanks to today's idiocy) but gold recovered to unch while silver was slammed...


Energy stocks spiked (again) - credit didn't!! Trade Accordingly!


The US Dollar dropped modestly this week (down 0.5%) despite a huge drop in Swissy)


Treasury yields plunged on the week (new 30Y record lows)


And on the month, 3Y is -20bps and the entire rest of the curve is down around 50bps!!


Bonds best month since June 2010...


Credit continues to flash red - just like it did in 2008...


Charts: Bloomberg