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AUD/USD - Relying Upon Support At 0.77

By Stuart McPhee

AUD/USD for Thursday, February 5, 2015

Over the last couple of days the Australian dollar has been on a rollercoaster ride dropping sharply to a new multi-year low below 0.7630 before rallying strongly and moving back up above the 0.77 level and more recently 0.78 before easing back again. It is presently relying on support from the current key level at 0.77. Prior to all the recent activity, in the last couple of weeks the Australian dollar fall very sharply and break lower from the trading range that had been established roughly between 0.8050 and 0.8200. The 0.77 range is currently offering some support to the Australian dollar which has allowed it to consolidate a little and temporarily stop the recent decline over the last couple of days. A few weeks ago it made numerous attempts at the resistance level at 0.82 only to be sent back often before finally finishing that week moving through this key level. In doing so it was able to reach a one month high near 0.83 before being sold back down again towards 0.82 as the resistance and selling activity above this level kicked…