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Which U.S. President Is The King of Productivity? It May Surprise You.

With Donald Trump championing his business experience as to why Americans should offer him the job as president, it brings to mind a key point of this economic recovery/expansion that's been nothing short than terrible - productivity growth.

Today's productivity figure, at 1.3% (annualized quarter-over-quarter) failed to meet already weak expectations of 1.4%.

D. QQ Productivity Growth

Whether Donald Trump, or any president with more of a business background, would actually be able to make a difference in American productivity is a question for another time.

The question here is - Which U.S. president has been the best for American productivity growth?

Take a guess before looking. It may surprise you.

Looking at Productivity Growth

Here's the look.

The president with the highest productivity growth over his Administration isn't Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan.

It's George W. Bush (commonly known as Bush II).

Over the...