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Hedge Funds AUM Decreased 2.50% In August 2015

Hedge Funds AUM Decreased 2.50% In August 2015 by eVestment

Renewed allocations to equity exposure and redemptions from managed futures highlight allocation shifts.

Total hedge fund assets decreased 2.50% in August 2015, bringing the industry’s total assets under management to $3.053 trillion. Investors added an estimated $10.5 billion into the industry in August, while performance decreased AUM by an estimated $78.4 billion.

With August’s $10.5 billion inflow, investors have added an estimated $74.7 billion into Hedge Funds in 2015. This compares to $113.9 billion through August of 2014, however investors redeemed nearly $26 billion in the final four months last year.

There have been multiple reversals of apparent investor preferences throughout 2015, however the one consistent theme has been investors’ interest in multi-strategy products. August’s inflows of $6.6 billion brought YTD inflows to $48.6 billion which surpasses full year 2015 allocations to the strategy.

Large multi-strategy products have been dominating the asset raising environment. The average size of the 20 largest asset gaining multi-strategy products in 2015 is nearly $7 billion. These top 20 asset gainers have $140 billion in AUM and have raised $14 billion in new asset in 2015.

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