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First Solar: Proving Its Critics Wrong

First Solar (FSLR) has long been a premier solar manufacturer and developer, with one of the most recognizable solar brands in the world. Despite its global dominance, the company has always lagged in the in module efficiency department. While First Solar's module efficiencies are by no means substandard, its panels are still far behind that of efficiency leader and main competitor SunPower (SPWR). While First Solar is still extremely cost-competitive compared to the rest of the industry, efficiency is starting to play a much bigger role in the solar industry. On the efficiency front, SunPower has recently made a huge breakthrough. The company announced that "it has set yet another world record for cadmium telluride (CDTE) photovoltaic (PV) research cell conversion efficiency, achieving 21.5 percent efficiency certified at the Newport Corporation's Technology and Applications Center (TAC) PV Lab." Not only does this efficiency breakthrough make First Solar the clear… Read More …