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Sirius XM Earnings Analysis: By The Numbers

By CapitalCube

Sirius XM Holdings, Inc. (SIRI) reported preliminary financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2014.

Satellite radio service provider Sirius beat analyst expectations when it reported fourth-quarter results this week. Profit climbed 120 percent in the quarter to $143.1 million or $0.03 per share. Revenue rose 9.1 percent to $1.09 billion, while operating expenses increased 5.6 percent to $797.3 million from customer service and marketing costs.

The company's performance came largely from its success at adding new subscribers. Sirius had 27.3 million subscribers as of quarter end, up from 25.6 million a year ago, adding more than 500,000 new subscribers in the quarter. This was the largest quarterly increase in eight years. The rate at which subscribers left, or churn, fell to 1.8 percent from 1.9 percent a year earlier.

Sirius attracts new customers by partnering with car manufacturers, such as General Motors (GM) and Ford (F),… Read More …