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Why you might want to avoid these 30 dividend stocks

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Coca-Cola Co. is among companies listed as “precarious dividend payers” by Management CV.

When companies cut their dividends, investors suffer a double whammy: lower fixed payments and a weaker share price. That’s why Bethesda, Maryland-based Management CV provides institutional clients with lists of stocks for which it is especially concerned about possible dividend cuts. Investors tend to focus on dividend payout ratios, but Management CV CEO Renny Ponvert reviews combined payout ratios that include regular and special dividends, and share repurchases, divided by earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). Management CV was founded by Ponvert in 2007. Before that, he was a private-equity investor, leading the leveraged buyout of Media General Financial Services in 2003 and later serving as the company’s CEO. Ponvert, in an interview July 17, said that in addition to the combined payout ratio, he and his team of analysts also consider levels of debt to EBIT, and perform detailed analyses to arrive at management team rankings within industry groups. Those rankings are meant to gauge “how well a management team has executed against other teams in that industry,” he said.