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Google's Smartwatch Is In The Final Stages of Development

Earlier this month Samsung released the first smart watch, the Galaxy Gear. Today reports are coming out the Google's smart watch is moving into the final stages of development and they are already in talks with manufacturers in Asia to mass produce the watch. So far what we do know for sure about the watch is that its comes with Google's personal assistant, Google Now. Google Now is the Android version of Siri the personal assistant on iPhones and iPads. I'm also happy to hear that Google is working on making the battery life of the watch more durable so it can last a full day in the lives of the busy people who will be wearing them. Analysts are expecting the wearable tech market to grow into a $50 billion industry in the next couple of years and with Google having already released their Google Glasses earlier this year they tech giant is positioning itself to be the industry leader.