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Dynamic Market requires Continuous Adjustment

Today’s market trades 24 hours a day continuously for almost 6 days. In order to make money and beat the market, we need to keep up to date with the market and analyze it throughout the day. During the years that Elliottwave-forecast.com has been in the business, we understand the market is dynamic and therefore needs adjustment. This is the reason why we provide Daily Technical video, 24 hours chat support, and many updates throughout the day to our members.

Beginner traders believe that the market does not change and only has one path. This could not be further from the truth as market changes by minutes sometimes. The smaller the time frame of trading, the more oscillation and the more erratic the movement will be. Despite the constant change however, we believe that trading with the sequences can give traders a better chance to beat the market.

Our Live sessions, Daily Technical videos and 24 hour support provide members with ideas and selection process so they can trade the right instrument in the right side. There is nobody who can forecast the market 100% perfect. There are however people who can understand the market nature and consequently they will able to identify the changes and adjust to the conditions when necessary.

The following video shows an example of  how we explain the market to members every day. We explain the sequences, cycles and recommendation to members in a simple 20 minutes video. The purpose is for members to know the trading opportunity they have and the right side. We also present the charts with Bullish/Bearish sequences tags to make the selection process simple. These charts with bullish / bearish sequence tags are the ones that our members should focus on when trading. We understand the nature of the market and explain it every day to our members. Our members are always ready with the market everyday because we are dynamic service with an open mind. We have adjusted the Elliott wave Theory and made it easier for traders. We have opened our mind, please open yours.

Watch this video to understand how we see the market.