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- Asml Holding N.V. (Asml) Today Publishes Its

The following excerpt is from the company's SEC filing.



net sales of

EUR 1.33 billion

, gross margin

42.6 percent

ASML guides

Q2 2016

net sales at

approximately EUR 1.7 billion

and a gross margin of

around 42 percent

(Figures in millions of euros unless otherwise indicated)

Q4 2015

Q1 2016

Net sales

...of which service and field option sales

Other income (Co-Investment Program)

New systems sold (units)

Used systems sold (units)

Average Selling Price (ASP) of net system sales

Net bookings

Systems backlog

Gross profit

Gross margin (%)

Net income

EPS (basic; in euros)

End-quarter cash and cash equivalents and short-term investments

A complete summary of US GAAP Consolidated Statements of Operations is published on

CEO Statement

"Our first-quarter net sales and gross margin met our guidance. We expect our second-quarter net sales to increase substantially from the first quarter, as our leading-edge logic customers begin to ramp the 10 nanometer node. Simultaneously, we see continued investment in earlier nodes, notably in the 28 nanometer node," ASML President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Wennink said.

"We continued the rollout of our latest immersion lithography system, the TWINSCAN NXT:1980, with the systems being ramped into production, as well as of our newest metrology system, the YieldStar 350E.

"Our next-generation technology, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, is continuing to make progress to manufacturing readiness. In the past three months, we again demonstrated improved productivity and availability. Our customers presented a wealth of EUV results at the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference that demonstrated significant progress, and they indicated an increased confidence in EUV for manufacturing insertion," Wennink said.

Product and Business Highlights

In Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) lithography, we shipped six TWINSCAN NXT:1980 systems in the quarter. The NXT:1980 rapidly reached productivity of more than 4,000 wafers per day, demonstrating the maturity of our latest NXT platform.

In Holistic Lithography, we started rolling out our YieldStar 350E integrated metrology system. YieldStar enables highly accurate metrology for subsequent analysis in ASML’s Holistic Lithography software, which allows customers to control leading-edge production processes for increased yield.

In Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, we achieved productivity of more than 1,350 wafers per day, bringing us closer to our 1,500 wafer per day target for 2016. Separately, three customer systems showed availability of more than 80 percent on average for four weeks. We shipped one NXE:3350B system in Q1.


For the

of 2016, ASML expects net sales at

, a gross margin of

, R&D costs of

about EUR 270 million

, other income of

about EUR 23 million

-- which consists of contributions from participants of the Customer Co-Investment Program --, SG&A costs of

about EUR 90 million

and an effective annualized tax rate of

around 12 percent

Our second-quarter net sales guidance includes about EUR 110 million sales for two EUV systems. In accordance with applicable accounting standards we can only recognize part of the system revenue but must recognize the full cost. Together with the initially low profitability of early EUV systems, this has an expected negative impact of 5 percentage points on the...