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The point of Life - Endless torture or an adventure?How to change it?

In this article, we are going to talk about the material and not-so
material point of life. The money, the job, the joy of having it.At everyone's life there is a point where the job becomes just an endless loop, and you can't find the exit. This is due to the fact that it has became just an everyday life.How do you feel while you are walking to your job? Like you are going to be tortured,or with a smile on your face, thinking how lovely your job is and how much you love your profession.

Going to your job with a smile means that you enjoy it. It means that you've worked hard and studied hard to get accepted at that certain
job. It can be compared to receiving a gift for a birthday, or for your graduation. You are excited, you feel happy for starting a job, this is what your parents and you've been wanting all your life.Working on your own and making money on your own.

You will get up every morning with your morning coffee waiting on the table, your wife kissing you, both with big smiles, because you are
happy for going to the work you've chosen.The dream job you have always wanted. Nothing to worry about. You won't mind that you do the same routine every morning, nor that you have a boss who is an a**hole, because you are where you have always wanted to be. You have the job you always wanted.

However, at some point you will lose the passion that you were working with. The coffee won't have the same taste anymore, the morning kiss neither. That is the moment when the "endless loop" starts.That is the point when you have realized, going to your job brings you nothing, but money and misery. You no longer enjoy your job, nor you enjoy what you are doing every morning.

By that point you already know that this is not the job you've been wanting. Not the job you wanted to work your whole life, but you are
already stuck into the endless loop.You can't give up now, because it is too late for that already. You have sacrificed all your life, for
one job, but in the end it becomes nothing, but a routine to you.

Yes, there are people that love their job, until they decide to stop working just because they are too old, but those people are usually working jobs such as IT, gaming, journalism, sports. Those people get up every morning in their good looking house, they have
time to spend with their wife's and kids, they get to know them better, because the job they work have higher standards, than the ones
that are working much harder and yet they never have enough money to make themselves or their family happy.

However working in one of the jobs listed above, requires certain abilities, which not everyone has. That's why there are other jobs
that are not that enjoyable, but when you are on your own, when you are the man in the house, everyone expects you to bring the money. Those jobs are the endless loops that people are stuck into, just because of that high expectations their families has.

That is why the people working in one of those jobs are the ones that have the most fun. They don't have any worries, because they are
earning enough money to be proud of themselves for what they are doing, and they are proud of their jobs, not ashamed of bragging to
everyone about their work, unlike some of the other people around the world.Having such a job is a dream that came true.

They get to travel around the world, do many stuff that others cant.
Let's sum the things up. There is one part of the world, where people at onepoint becomes careless about their job, about the surrounding society, about what's happening in their homes and families, and another part that are happy, fresh and friendly with everyone, because they got amazing job.

For example, passing by the street, a unhappy guy or a woman would rarely tell you "Good morning!"With a big smile on their face.
That guy or a woman that usually does that either have a very good day, or a really good job that he/she is just going to.

It is really hard to say if the life is endless loop that stuck you into it and makes you work hard just to be able to survive in this harsh
world, or if it's an endless adventure starting with your new job.Some people would say it's an adventure, others would say it's a torture.
The question is how to change the negative thoughts and feelings that you get everyday thinking about your job.

First, you could set your goal, which, for example could be to buy a new house. Just to change the daily routine you are going to every
day. Feel good about you and be happy that your job brings you enough money to move to a new house with your family, and to enjoy with them.This will take away those bad thoughts out of your mind.

Achieving this goal requires years of hard work. It requires even competing with others at your work, staying after work just to get
noticed at your boss, and at one day finally to hear the word "Congratulations for the promotion!". When that promotion comes, then all that hard work will pay off.You will no longer have to worry about your same routine, you could be the guy or the woman who's saying good morning to everyone.

Having set a goal always helps you getting motivated to work harder, which may bring as I already said few years of negativity. Although it will pay off at the end. Once you get to that position never forget from where you have started.After achieving your first goal, you can
set another and follow it, until the reach the top.

People get easily depressed nowadays, one of the big reasons for that is the job. The delayed payments, the boss you hate so much, the work that becomes harder after years, and the physical pain it has caused you.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their
dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt