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Microsoft Invests $100 Million In Uber

Bloomberg reports [after the WSJ did earlier] that Microsoft Corporation (NYSE:MSFT) plans on investing $100 million in quasi-taxi service start-up Uber Technologies Inc at a valuation of $50 billion [equal to a 0.2% stake]. This comes shortly after Microsoft had just sold part of its Bing mapping service to Uber, which offered 100 Microsoft employees who work at its Bing unit a job. Microsoft hasn't had the best of luck with its acquisitions after writing down $6.2 billion of its $6.3 billion purchase of AQuantive [bought back in 2007] or the $7.6 billion write-down of its purchase of some of Nokia's operations back in 2014. Maybe this one will go better, but at a $50 billion valuation, Uber has very high expectations to live up to. We will have to see.

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