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Stick To Your Budget

It is factual that the habit of borrowing money does nothing but put you in deeper waters of wasting your money. You end up accumulating more debt by the simple need to paying the money back (money you’ve already spent). You may desire something that is a huge expense like a new house, your child’s college tuition or maybe even a new yacht. With a budget at hand, you will know the exact amount of money you have space to blow. If you find it difficult to set a budget, you probably have a very confusing picture about your finances. Even for those who are able to achieve setting a budget, sticking to it may be the most haunting. Mastering how to set a budget and sticking to it will make your financial situation go at ease and less stressful. Here are a few tips on how to stick to your budget.

No more plastic or virtual money, stick to cash.

On a weekly basis, simply withdrawn just enough money for expenses that are for the operation of your home and business. Basically only take out cash for the things you need for survival. Wouldn’t it be easier to save that $50 you were going to spend towards that new Tory and Burch bag, and have enough money left over that may carry into next week?

No more negative habits.

If you have a drinking or smoking habit, despite if it is frequent or not, it is still an expense. If you sit down and calculate the amount of money you spend on cigarette packs and bottles you would be surprised. Possibly over $100 a week. Your bills won’t look as stressful and your health even might improve. Don’t you think it may be worth to sacrifice your habit for at least a month so you can get closer to your goal of buying that new house?

Convince your household to join the challenge.

It is not fair to you if you are sacrificing your habits for a better living, while your spouse, sister, or boyfriend/girlfriend is splurging every pay day. This really happens to the best of us. You aren’t even sticking to your budget by allowing this, view it that way. Put your family member on to the “sticking with cash technique”. If your household contributes to your budget, it would certainly make a huge difference, despite how tiny the contribution.

Keep track of your spending.

Keeping your receipts can truly open your eyes as to how you can stick to your budget. If you properly prepared yourself for this budget journey, it should be a habit you have already mastered. Some people set their budgets and forget to keep track of even the smallest expenses. Remember that small things can surely add up and make huge impacts, negative or bad. Take note of where you are spending your money and stash your receipts. This is help you avoid ever overspending.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

It’s very important to be flexible on your budget journey. Especially for variable expenses like rent, cell phone bills, and emergencies. Always look over your budget and expenses, especially when things are bound to change. Even if you get a pay raise, this means that your budget may change. You must master discipline and also set aside enough to remain in the safe zone.