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Americans are giving bitcoin as a wedding gift


Will this lucky couple get bitcoin at the reception?

Forget dish sets and kitchen appliances, some couples are putting bitcoin on their wedding registries. Some tech-savvy wedding-goers are gifting the digital currency to new couples, as its value surges to new highs. Like purchasing a stock or bond, buying bitcoin is — all going well — an investment in the future. Sounds crazy, right? Bitcoin is notoriously volatile. But if you got married in 2011 your $100 Bitcoin gift would be worth more than $238,000 today. Business Insider editor Emily Cohn tweeted that the currency was given to her and her husband at their wedding and ultimately proved to be “the best gift we got.” Her husband Ben Eisen, a former MarketWatch reporter, wrote about the experience in The Wall Street Journal in 2016, noting that one bitcoin had been worth $230 around their wedding in September and had jumped to $430 by the end of the year. As of June 26, less than a year later, it is worth $2,383. The unpredictable nature of the currency that paid off so well for this couple also means the gift may not be the best choice for the average wedding couple, said Neeraj Agrawal, a spokesman for bitcoin advocacy group Coin Center. “Because it is so volatile and has a learning curve, use your best judgment on whether or not the happy couple would genuinely appreciate a cryptocurrency gift,” he said. While people are giving bitcoin, there hasn’t been a tipping point. Honeyfund, a honeymoon registry that allows guests to give cash rather than gifts, has seen more than a dozen customers donate in bitcoin, said chief executive officer and co-founder Sara Margulis. In recent years, more than a dozen customers have chosen to route donations to the site from bitcoin wallets. Zola, a wedding registry website, has had just two cash funds created for bitcoins since 2013, a spokeswoman said.