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Simple Financial Advice for New Grads

About three million people graduated from high school in the last few weeks. Just over one million received a bachelor's degree.

Congratulations if you're one of them. And welcome to the real world. 

May I offer some financial advice? It's only five words.

Simple almost always beats complex.

That's true for investing, mortgages, insurance, and everything else related to money. 

If there's one thing I wish I knew when I graduated, it's that.

I asked a few of my smartest friends for their five-word financial advice for new grads. Here's what they said.

Kanyi Maqubela, Collaborative Fund: Live simply. Fees add up.

Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense: Budget. Save. But enjoy yourself.

Josh Brown, Reformed Broker: Buy every month, never stop.

Bob Seawright, Madison Avenue Securities: Save. A lot. Start immediately.

Noah Smith, Bloomberg: Your potential is an asset.

Sam Ro, Yahoo! Finance: Sleep on it. Then decide.

Tom Gardner, Motley Fool CEO: Perpetually seek your true passions.

Bill Mann, CIO Motley Fool Asset Management: "No downside" means "run away."

Bryan Hinmon, Motley Fool Asset Management: Time is your scarcest asset.

Eddy Elfenbein, Crossing Wall Street: Don't carry credit card debt. 

Craig Shapiro, Collaborative Fund: It's not a race. It's a marathon.

Phil HuberHuber Financial Advisors: Focus on what you control.

David Gardner, Motley Fool co-founder: Great! Now, break the rules.

Matt Argersinger, Motley Fool analyst: Invest as soon as feasible

Chris Hill, Motley Fool radio host: Never stop asking questions. Ever.

Cullen Roche, Pragmatic Capitalism: Your best investment is yourself.

Tren Griffin, 25iq: Best investment is in yourself.

Michael Kitces, Your Best Investment Is Yourself.

Matt Koppenheffer, Motley Fool: Spend less than you make.

Good luck.

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