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Back From The Future: A Presidential Address At The End Of The Fourth Turning

Submitted by Jimski via The Burning Platform blog,

Presidential Address to the Nation
President Pro Tem
Former Secretary of Education

My fellow Americans

I speak to you today from the historic heart of our republic in Washington DC. The last year has seen such pain and misery for our country but at last we see and end to the conflict that has devastated not only America but the whole world. With the Accord signed by the new and old governments we will see a draw down in combat and in mass destruction readiness across the globe. The world has seen pain like no other time in history. Cities Lay in ruin and the people of the world cry out for peace. Peace is now at hand.

The first nine months of combat saw a replay of the second world war in which men and machine fought across the globe. More resources we consumed or destroyed in that time then all the worlds wars in history. Tank battles and sea battles and men in trenches fighting for what they believed was right.

We know now just how wrong everybody was.

When the war finally came to American shores it unleashed more death than every single war in American history. The targeting of 8 American cities resulted in the destruction of 7 of them. Our people continue to die due to the radiological affects of these weapons. We will take a long time to heal but we will heal. 3 of the cities will be decontaminated and rebuilt. We are planning to isolate and quarantine the other 4 cities as not viable for reconstruction at this time. It is triage plain and simple.

What we do know from the missile that targeted Washington and was shot down is that 4 enemies took part in the plot. Evidence shows that the Nuclear material was supplied by North Korea and the missile technology came from Iran. The ships used to launch the attack was funded and flagged by Saudi Arabia through many fake companies. The personnel who built the weapons and pushed the buttons were a cross section of radical Islamic Jihad’s from 21 different countries. Even American citizens were involved.

I state that again, even American citizens were involved.

The broad selection of people who carried out this attack all had one thing in common. A religion of Death and Hatred fundamentally incompatible with modern life on this planet. That is why Mecca is now a crater in the desert. The 3 missiles used 1 from the United States 1 from China and 1 from Russia will leave for all time a monument and a warning to the peoples of the world that hate will bring hate and death. The other 7 cities of the world we struck were destroyed because of irrefutable evidence of complicity in the attack. You unleashed this hell. We delivered it back.

The bombs were not the only thing that caused destruction and death in our country. It seems we did a good job of that ourselves. In the 93 days since the attack more Americans were killed from riots and shortages than from the weapons. The systems that deliver food and energy stopped. Instead of banding together to help one another we turned on our neighbors with fist and knife and gun. We forgot what it means to be Americans. We forgot what it means to belong to a community. And most idiotically we took out our collective anger on those most able to help us through these times.

Reports across the country all tell the same story. Murder of local officials and looting on a countrywide scale. The people most targeted seem to be a small group of Americans called Preppers. These people through religious tenant or just good old common sense had prepared for a situation like this but local populations rose up with anger. They thought that because someone prepared for the worst they must have had something to do with the attack. Tens of Thousands were murdered by mobs. The very citizens needed to rebuild are almost gone. And we did this.
America did it to its self.

We set up a system of Government that was broken to begin with. It allowed men in high places to loot the treasury. It allowed men in high places to grow a constituency that was beholden to the Government itself though entitlements and outright bribery. We had a population who’s sole purpose was to keep those in power IN POWER. A population of voters who lived to consume and yet never to produce. This was the downfall of the republic. An outside enemy surly struck us well but not unto death. That we did to ourselves.

Hindsight is for the most part 20-20 and in the clarity of history we see the architects of the war. We surely had well meaning people who agreed to the redistribution of wealth due to a need to help others but as we dissect that last 20 years we see a trend and it is horrific in its nature. We see now the programs to help others were just a way to pilfer from the public treasury. Banks and corporations stole money from America for the sole purpose of a few more decimal points on a ledger. What did it get them? It is all toilet paper now. Sure some got away. You will not get far. We know who you are. We have the records. As one of my last executive orders I have dispatched special forces across the world with orders to kill on sight everyone one of you bastards that brought us to this point.

Is this legal? We are so past legal I do not care anymore. You have destroyed our country. We are going to drag you down with us.

This is why we are now a fractured county. We have 4 different people claiming to be the president of 3 different sections of what was the United States of America. I am the only cabinet member in the chain of succession laid out in the Presidential Succession Act of 1947.This leaves me with the title president but for the most part I am the President of Washington DC and what little Military that is left and did not mutiny. That is why I make the following pronouncement:

I hereby call for a new continental congress to form a new government. Our founders of the old Government knew this would be a possibility, nay probability. We shall gather together and write out a new constitution. A constitution that will hopefully prevent this from ever happening again. And yet as a think on it man being a flawed being perhaps we can never get it right. Perhaps we are doomed to replay generational the mistakes of the old.

The following statement statement is for the rest of the world:

We are done with you. Yes we wronged you but we were driven by vain men who harmed us as well as you. Even the interventions across the globe were nothing more than a way to loot the treasury. In the guise of democracy and freedom we brought war and death. We are sorry. I am sorry.

But we will not be picked over like a dead animal. We are alive and we are able to protect ourselves. We are at this moment recalling every combat unit, every embassy, every American citizen who wants to rebuild the nation and build a future. You will do well to remember that our farmers at one point fed our country and almost 20% of the rest of the world. We still have our agricultural roots although they are buried deep. We will uncover and once again feed a billion people but we will need time. We will need friends. We reach out to those who offer true friendship as we rebuild.

To those of you who may plot more attacks on our country. At this point you risk the total annihilation of our species. If you truly want to see what a wounded America is capable of. I will push the damn button.