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Checking In On Equity Performance [Part 2]

Yesterday, we looked at how the developed markets were faring by industry group and by region. It was clear that DM Asia was the place for equity investors to be YTD. Today, we want to slice the return data a little differently and see how equity performance shakes out by country. The first key takeaway is that Japan is clearly driving DM Asia performance. And if we want to look at both DM and EM, Japan and South Korea are the only two countries with positive performance YTD. Both are up a healthy 9% (again this is equal-weighted, USD basis, return data)

DM and EM Asia Performance By Country

Equity Performance

The next main takeaway is 2015 is a good example of why US investors (and for that matter all investors) should do their best to avoid home country bias. Home country bias is a behavioral effect where investors...