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Nike Reveals a "Game Changing" Sports Recovery Chair

Anyone that plays a sport knows (or should know) the importance of muscle recovery, especially when it comes to a sport-like basketball where you’re in and out of play constantly. Nike has teamed up with LA-based architect Greg Lynn for the brand’s “The Nature of Motion” exhibition during Milan’s Design Week 2016, to develop a chair that will offer the optimum warm-up or cool-down climate for players, thus giving them an apparent advantage in performance. The chair itself, dubbed the “Microclimate Chair,” is made from a combination of flexible carbon tape and carbon weave, and has 70 Peltier thermoelectric pads throughout that serve as the warming or cooling spots. The entire edge of the chair is fitted with a tube that distributes air over the player, reducing humidity for better climate control. As you can imagine, we doubt we’ll be seeing these chairs being sold on the mainstream market, but rather offered only to elite athletes with the means to purchase such a performance-enhancing throne like the Microclimate Chair. Watch the video above to learn more.