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Are Amazon and Netflix Anxious or Chill?

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX,) along with many other tech stocks, made solid gains today. They increased 4.84% and 2.09% respectively. Many think that both are poised to soar even higher. After all, “Netflix & Chill” has entered the zeitgeist as a favorite phrase amongst millennials. That kind of brand recognition is invaluable. They are turning into the Coca-Cola of streaming services.

That is, unless Amazon has anything to say about it. Amazon recently extended its deal with CBS (NYSE: CBS) to get exclusive streaming rights. As I’ve covered before, CBS is pretty much the only broadcast channel worth more than some old socks you’d find in a gutter, so that is a strong move on Amazon’s part.

Despite all that positive news, many experts are wary. Netflix has had an especially rocky run as of late, and the New York Times piece about Amazon dampened many investors enthusiasm. As is usually the case, it’s truly hard to say which way things will go for these two. As a big time fan of “Netflix & Chill” and Amazon Prime, I’m hoping they continue on their upward trajectory.