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Here Comes Apple's Big Earnings Report — You Ready for Action?

You ready for Apple's (AAPL) earnings? Probably not, so shame on you.

Here are several hot reads from TheStreet's tech team that will get you prepared ahead of the numbers. Your're welcome.

This Is the Most Anticipated Number in Apple's Looming Earnings Report

By: Natalie Walters

Apple's iPhone 8 has been hyped up so much that CEO Tim Cook actually blamed the media coverage of the yet-to-be released phone for the disappointing iPhone sales in the second quarter.

According to Cook, customers are getting so excited about the 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone expected later this year that they're holding out for it instead of buying an older model.

However, reports and comments from suppliers suggest Apple may not be able to keep its tradition of releasing the newest iPhone model in mid-September due to supply constraints for the OLED display panel and other components. The release date could be