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These Two Companies Are Working On The Zika Virus Cure

Mosquitoes have always sucked. They contribute basically nothing to the ecosystem, and they ruin just about every summer outdoor activity. I’ve hated mosquitoes long before I knew what the Zika virus was, and I’ll hate them long after we figure out how to stop it.

The tricky thing about the Zika virus is that it’s often not that bad. Many patients experience just mild symptoms, which can include headaches, rash, fever, and joint pain. The concern is that there is a possible link between Zika fever and microcephaly, a neurological condition that causes abnormally small heads, in newborn babies whose mother had Zika.

While the epidemic has mostly been contained to South America, a growing number of cases have started to pop up in the United States. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently issued a historic travel warning, telling pregnant women and their partners to avoid travelling to a small community near Miami where about 15 cases of Zika have appeared.

This is the first time in its history that the CDC has advised citizens to avoid a specific American neighborhood. Furthermore, the Pentagon recently announced that over 30 active-duty American service members, including one pregnant woman, have contracted the virus while serving in areas with known Zika outbreaks.

According to the latest data from the CDC, just over 2,500 cases of Zika have been confirmed in the United States, and over 9,000 have been confirmed in U.S. territories, with Puerto Rico remaining near the center of the growing outbreak.

Of course, this is scary to a lot of...