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Which do you love more? If you prefer your kids, then you might want to take advantage of the $28,000 gift tax exemption from each couple to each kid. If you have young kids and have not yet started to gift them money, how should you start? Here are some ideas for you to consider.

They should have a local savings account where they can continue saving money. I like Toronto Dominion (NYSE:TD), in part so they can participate in their summer reading program. Get this account started with $1,000. Alternatively, keep an eye open for accounts with high APY for kids such as the 4% APY on Junior Airsavings accounts from MainStreetBank.

Buy them each a bitcoin. They currently cost about $589; I think that they will be worth many times that price by the time the kids are adults. This is one that is worth setting up and forgetting about. No one knows what will happen in a day or week or month, but year to year these are likely to perform well.

Set them up with a $1,000 brokerage account on Motif. Buy a favorite stock or basket of stocks or put it in a a>