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The weird way video games are paving the road to the future of technology

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(REUTERS/Paul Darrow)
Here's something interesting you might not know:

The graphics processors, or GPUs, that make possible the eye-poppingly realistic graphics of games like "Quantum Break" are also really well-suited to powering artificial intelligence and other high-intensity tasks.

The world of high-performance computing measures power in "FLOPS," or "floating point operations per second."

It turns out that as video game graphics have gotten better, the hardware used to produce them is increasingly well-suited to powering the AI future envisioned by companies like Google and Facebook.

"[After] 2007, all the big advances in FLOPS came from gaming video cards designed for high speed real time 3D rendering, and as an incredibly beneficial side effect, they also turn out to be crazily fast at machine learning tasks," wrote Stack Overflow founder Jeff Atwood in a March 2016 blog entry.

In fact, when the Google DeepMind AI won its history-making Go series against Lee Sedol, it was sporting 1,202 CPUs, or traditional processors, and 176...