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Great Wall Motor January Sales: SUVs Still A Hot Seller

Great Wall Motors (GWLLF) (GWLLY) kicked off 2015 on a strong note, perhaps the best among the Chinese OEMs, with +27% y/y to 88k units and that was the highest monthly shipments in the company's history. Most importantly, SUV sales were up +69% y/y to 70k in January, driven by the H1, H2, H6 and H9 SUVs that saw sales momentum across the brands. I remain bullish on GWM.

The company's compelling product offering and value proposition makes it a key beneficiary of the Chinese auto export theme. This is one company that could potentially enter the US (assuming their safety rating goes up).


Boom boom boom. GWM's January shipment was just stellar. A shipments increase of +27% y/y to 88k was the highest in the company's history, highlighting once again the company's strength in the SUV segment and how the lower oil prices have helped drive the demand… Read More …