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Lufthansa CEO Press Conference - Live Webcast

Having now discovered more of the disturbing facts about the last 30 minutes of the Germanwings flight, the Lufthansa CEO holds a press conference...

As AFP reports,

The co-pilot of the Germanwings jet that crashed in the French Alps was on the job since September 2013 and had 630 hours of flying experience, the parent company, German flag carrier Lufthansa, said on Thursday.


The co-pilot "was First Officer at Germanwings since September 2013," a Lufthansa spokeswoman told AFP.


Prior to that, he had been trained as a pilot at Lufthansa Flight Training in the northern German city of Bremen and had 630 hours of flying experience under his belt.


By comparison, the plane's pilot had more than 10 years experience and 6,000 hours of experience flying the Airbus A320 model, Lufthansa revealed previously.


She said Lufthansa could neither confirm nor deny reports that one of the two pilots on the doomed flight was locked out of the cockpit before the plane went down.

Press Conference due to start at 0930ET...