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Important Cautions About Applying Suntan Lotion On The Skin

By Haywood Hunter

It is time to get your summer time on again and get that beautiful suntan. Get ready to flaunt your body wearing those new bikinis and head for the beach. Of course, the beach bag will not be complete without a suntan lotion. Lotion or no lotion, everyone wants to have that perfect suntan during this time of year.

Having a darker skin is a fad nowadays. It is considered to go hand in hand with a hot body. The market has brought out a lot of suntan lotion products to choose from. From sprays to creams and lotions. All these, promise the best results for a wonderful looking brown skin. Though it is indeed tempting to purchase any of these suntan lotion products, you should choose the best product that suit your skin.

Your skin may not react very well to a certain brand of suntan lotion. Some suntan lotion contain chemicals that you are allergic to and can cause skin irritation. You should know which suntan lotion brand does not contain an irritant to your skin. If not sure, you must consult a doctor or do a skin patch test using the suntan lotion. Doing so, you can be guided on which suntan lotion is safe for you to use.

Staying for too long out in the sun even with sunscreen can cause harm to the skin. Reapplication after 3 to 4 hours or as directed should be followed. This simple instruction is often forgotten especially when having fun. Too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer and should be avoided.

Wearing of hats, clothing and using umbrellas are said to be better for sun protection. Some suntan lotion and sunscreens through research have been concluded to accelerate cancer. The suntan lotion products contain chemicals that may cause cancer when exposed to sunlight. Also, sunscreens does not block the UV rays from damaging the skin cells and causing lesions and tumors. Fortunately, there are list of sunscreens and suntan lotion products that are safe and not known to cause cancer.

Majority would agree that a darker skin with suntan is prettier especially during summer and hence the popularity of suntan lotion. But being pretty is not enough if your skin is at risk. A fair glowing skin could still look good in a bikini without having to turn to dangerous suntan lotion. Changing your skin tone using ineffective suntan lotion could be quite expensive and will not last for long. Wearing your own skin and being true to yourself is totally free. But if you must, compare suntan lotion products first and determine which will give you best suntan at least risk.

Ways to achieve a radiant skin is simple. Besides using safe suntan lotion and other products, make sure your skin is well hydrated especially during the hot season. Indulge yourself with fluids preferably water and eat more of citrus fruits and green veggies. Smoking plays a big role in making your skin look ugly whether you use good suntan lotion products or not, so cessation is highly recommended. Following these guidelines and using suntan lotion in a clever way can get you a skin every one of your friends will envy.

There is nothing wrong with applying suntan lotion to look more appealing to others. Just be reminded with the after effects of some dangerous suntan lotion products and ways to avoid harm to your skin. Remember your skin also has its limits so take good care of it.

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