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Dead-Cat-Bounce Dies (Again) - Stocks Plunge As EURUSD Breaks Below Crucial 1.05 Level

Well that escalated quickly...EURUSD has broken the key 1.05 trendline level; and having rallied yesterday on the worst data since Lehman, today it appears some sense of resignation to the fact that The Fed is boxed in to a rate hike no matter what is setting in... and that the exuberant hockey-stick expectations of earnings growth is spiralling the toilet of near cycle lows oil prices. US equity prices have roundtripped most of yesterday's dead-cat-bounce spike with Nasdaq leading the drop and The Dow and S&P are back in the red year-to-date.

EURUSD broke the crucial 1.05 level again...


And US equities have roundtripped yesterday's excitment


Which has psuhed Dow, S&P back into the red