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Buying Dividend Stocks To Pay Bills

Hey, everyone! Every month, we live in a world that we pay for our expenses on a typical monthly basis. Most people budget monthly based on their food, shelter, car and other entertainment or daily needs. You know what I personally love about my bills? If something else is paying them for me! One fun way and reason to invest into dividend paying stocks is to almost view them as a way to build up an asset that pays these bills for you! What do I mean? Let’s check it out.

Paying the Bills

We all have our monthly expenses that are typical. I wrote about some of my monthly bills a few months back, as a way to update where I stand on how much money goes out the door and how much of my dividend income makes up that. A way to have fun with buying a dividend stock is to see how much of that stock you can buy in that particular expense category, where the dividend stream ends up paying your bill! What are a few examples of what I am talking about? I’ll break them down below:

  1. The Mortgage – We all love this one and there is a great big group of us that is currently paying them down.
  2. Internet & Cable – As much as it makes me cringe to say this – I know there are SO many people that have cable still, even though everyone knows I haven’t had cable in over 5 years! However – I do have internet with more recently me switching providers to have better service and a lower bill, a win-win.
  3. Food – Do we need to eat? Yep. Haha.
  4. Transportation – Most of us have a vehicle that we use to get from Point A to Point B, sometimes to Point C, D & E, all in a day. Oh and using gas to fill up at the tank : )
  5. Insurance – Home, Auto, Life, etc.. you name it – most of us have this type of expense on a monthly basis
  6. Phone Bill – similar to internet/cable – quite a few of us use a mobile phone and have that as a monthly expense
  7. Public Utilities – Water, Electric, and Gas – here we go!

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Why am I writing all of these? Well, I am going to go down each one and I can use my life as an example, to talk about how much is being spent and what we can invest into to have our army of dividend paying stocks go to battle for us to pay those bills! This also makes it a little more fun to invest. Ready to dive in and start swinging down each one? I am, let’s do it.

Dividend Paying Stocks to Pay...