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AT&T Offers 1 Gigabit Per Second Service

Are you looking for a faster connection? AT&T (NYSE: T) might have what you're looking for. 

The cell phone carrier will soon launch U-Verse with Gigapower, according to Yahoo Finance, which will have the capability to download up to 25 songs in one second. The fiberoptic service is available for $110 per month and operates at approximately 1 gigabit per second. 

According to Yahoo Finance, the provider released the technology in California this week and plans to release it into other cities soon, as well. 

Yahoo Finance commenter applesbanana said:

Only offered in markets where they have to complete against Google Fiber. What about markets where they have lobbied the local Government to restrict competition? In what world does anyone think that AT&T won't do everything in its power to restrict competition, stifle innovation, and overcharge customers who are locked into them as a provider for sub-par service.

Yahoo Finance commenter Jeremy said:

Hey, that's great...except you pay more for them NOT to track your every move, and even more if they don't have any competition (ie: Google Fiber). And, of course, it's only "select cities." And it will only every be "select cities". Live in a town of less than 100,000 people? You'll probably never even get of sniff of gigabit internet before 2040, if ever.