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Elon Musk Admits That He Thought Tesla Would Fail

Elon Musk made a crazy confession to "60 Minutes" yesterday, stating that he did not believe that Tesla would be successful. He thought that the company for sure would fail, but that it would at least aware the public that electric cars do not have to be boring and ugly looking. When asked why he went forward anyway, his response was "If something is important enough, then you should try".

Currently this year, the public is excited for Tesla to build a $5 billion battery factory to feed batteries to the cars. It is their current goal to build a gigafactory in 2017 and to produce a substantial amount of lithium ion batteries by 2020. We also learned that he bet all $180 million that he received from selling Paypal, on Tesla and Space X (his privately held space rocket company). By 2007, he was penniless, but was saved by Tesla investors who poured more money into his businesses.