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Picasso Cycle Update

In this update only the date/s will be mentioned with an "H" for high and a "L" for low.
The chart amplitude can and will be misleading at times.
In addition, it is the date/s that is most important rather than if that date is a projected high or low.
One important reason is because in some cases a date may invert and the "H" or "L" may not mean anything.
A low may actually turn out to be a high and visa versa.
Also it is very important that other tools always be used to confirm any potential ST Cycle Date.

Picasso Dates, always +/-
Aug 4-12 L - low was SPY 8/11
Aug 8/18-23 H - highs were made on 8/16 & 8/22
Aug 30-Sept 7 L - a low was made on 8/29
Sept 13-22 H - a high was made on 9/14
Sept 29-Oct 5 L - a low was made on 9/25 (left translation of this cycle date)
Oct 11-17 H - up into 10/18 and high made on 10/23
Oct 10/24-31L - Low on 10/25
Nov 11/6-9H
Nov 24-27L


Long term indicators appear positive, so far. Negative divergence on many indicators were broken very late last year and so they now suggest further upside. So, if pullbacks develop into the Picasso cycle date lows and daily indicators are OverSold, it may present a good buying opportunity.
So far this forecast came to pass. The August low was accurate.

In addition, the LT cycles suggested a low in August +/-, which we had, & a high in late November/early December +/-.
Always remember to confirm cycle dates with your indicators and or your professional investment advisors analysis.
The LT Cycle low suggested for August was shallow. The DJIA high was 22,179 and the DJIA low was 21,600. This was a 2.6% correction. Not much, but, it was a correction as forecasted nevertheless.

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