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This Bicycle Looks Like It Came Straight out of 'TRON'

The Cyclotron is a futuristic bicycle that looks like it came out of the movie TRON. This smart bike not only looks great with a revolutionary design, but it comes with enhanced technological functionality. Firstly, riders are able to log real-time cycling data, access in-app navigation, use track and train software, and of course prevent thefts through an accompanying app. The bike is equipped with spoke-less wheels, and is the first commercially available bike to use this technology. The Cyclotron is also equipped with an electronic e-gear box for fast shifts. Most impressively though, is the bike’s lighting system. It switches on or off using an automatic light sensor, and its light is emitted through dual halo LED wheels and a bike laser lane projector. As for the bike’s battery life, it’s equipped with a self-charging Li-ion battery pack that can power the bike’s stunning lights for more than eight hours. According to its press release, “[The Cyclotron] transforms from a fast road bike to a cargo bike in seconds, is the lightest gearbox bike on the planet, has the world’s most advanced lighting system and sensors on board, and it looks like it is straight out of the ‘Tron Legacy Movie.’”

The Cyclotron is constructed from space grade carbon fiber composite, offering a rigid and stiff but lightweight frame. Head over to its Kickstarter page to support.