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Bild Reports On "Indisputably Authentic" Video Of Germanwings Final Moments

A video showing the chaotic final seconds on board the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps last week has been discovered near the site, according to Reuters, who note that Germany's Bild daily reported on Wednesday that it had seen the footage. The video, which Bild described as being "indisputably authentic", was reportedly found on a mobile phone belonging to one of the passengers killed on the flight suggested passengers were fully aware of what was happening...



Bild says...

"It comes from the people who were investigating on the site. That is as much as we're going to say about it," he said, adding that a senior French reporter got it from his sources and then "went through the process of verifying it."


"There is no doubt that what we saw are the final seconds of what happened on board," Reichelt said.

As Reuters reports, the scenes seen on the video were chaotic and very wobbly, said Bild, adding screams and shouts of "My God" could be heard in variuous languages, indicating the passengers knew what was happening.

Prosecutor Brice Robin, who is handling the case in France, said none of the mobile telephones collected at the crash site had been sent for analysis.


"All are for now being kept at Seynes-Les-Alpes. If people at the site have picked up mobile phones, I am not aware of it," he told Reuters by telephone. France's BEA investigation authority could not immediately be reached for comment.


On the video, which Bild described as being "indisputably authentic", a banging of metal could be heard at least three times, possibly the sound of the pilot who had been locked out of the cockpit by Lubitz trying to break through the door.


Near the end there was a heavy shake and the cabin tilted sharply to one side. After further screams the video ended, said the paper.


The footage appeared to have been taken from near the back of the plane but no individuals could be identified, said Bild.

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As Paris Match further confirms,

"The atmosphere is very chaotic, making it difficult to identify the passengers. But the sound of screaming passengers indicate that they are all aware of the tragedy that will happen."