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Tucker Carlson: America's Birthright is Worth Defending


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Thoughts on this?

Jingoism and nationalistic fervor are often reviled by both leftists and cynics. In my younger years, I regaled in the glory of America -- up until the point that I felt it was being used to emotionally control people to pursue an agenda that ran counter to the best interests of the people.

In other words, it feels good to be patriotic and to flaunt pride for God and Country -- but what's the point when the people we elect use that emotional currency to bomb the brains out of people overseas -- exposing our bravest to depleted uranium -- treating them like shit when they come home to continue life as a normie?

I get the conundrum that if we don't control the narrative being woven, someone else would -- like dog eating fish faces in Asia. It's hard to 'love' an entire country with so many degenerates and malevolent places of ill repute. I've come to realize that 'country' is better defined as the friends and family close to me -- even some of you internet people who might reside in third world shit-holes, like Canada.

Nevertheless, the following Tucker Carlson monolog is inspirational, in spite the fact that it reeks with idealism. If being a 'team player' for America requires me to send my son's overseas to die for some war that was designed to help elite's at one of our many gigantic globalist corporations -- count me out.

If we're talking freedom to say these things without the NSA monitoring every text or email that I make, whilst watching subversive content online, maybe I'll waive a flag or two on the 4th of July.