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Dotcom Bubble 2.0? It's Different This Time

With Bloomberg's IPO index down 20% from its late 2014 highs and pressing 10-month lows (having gone nowhere in 2 years), all is not well in the private-to-public transaction market.


Despite the multi-billion-dollar ponzi valuations of various 'disruptors' and leaked data opening the kimono on how insane this reality is, we thought the following clip perfectly summed up how it's different this time...

"If you show revenue, people will ask 'how much' and it will never be enough. The company that was the 100x or the 1000x becomes the 2x dog. But if you have no revenue, you say you're pre-revenue - you're a potential pure play..."

(click image for clip - no embed available) - warning NSFW